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At Love Empure, we pride in our uniqueness in revitalizing your taste for fashion, good music and art. Our aim is to rejuvenate your taste for arts, while empowering you – the artists – at the same time.

Support our artists, read all about there experiences, learn about there talents and find out how to connect with them. 

Art Therapy

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Lady with Smart Watch

Fitness Tracker Watch Android Smartwatches have become a popular device for people to track not only their steps but also their general …

Mackenzie has struggled to trust Josh through the years — and after the death of her mother Angie, the grief-stricken mother of three felt that …

  Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra know the feeling of welcoming daughters. And this pink trend will continue once again because “Baby Baliterra” is …

Let it not be said that puffer jackets can’t be stylish. Thanks to the likes of A.W.A.K.E, Burberry, Chloé and even Chanel, the …

Charity & PaRtner News

We love being connected with our local community, discovering local artists through organizing, attending events and projects, at Love Empure we offer a space to all of our member artists to submit their articles, videos, posts and music samples- encouraging everyone involved on our platform to collaborate in a way that will develop and promote each other whilst simultaneously building self esteem, unlocking authentic talent and potential, with bespoke opportunities and training.

Read about our talented artists and there hard work below.