I have been an artist for over 35 years, working for computer game companies creating packaging artwork. Later I worked in the comics industry , record labels, live events and film.
Amongst my colouring credits are Marvel, Panini, Titan, 2000AD and John Brown Publishing .
During the 90s I designed record covers for Renegade Soundwave and many flyers for raves. The latter have become collectables.I also create art for my own pleasure of which I have featured them as prints to exhibit.
I am renowned for my stunning flyer and record cover art, mostly produced during the golden era of rave culture, My visionary work combines influences from sci-fi, surrealism, fantasy, futurism and comics. The result is a collection of artwork that defined an era and earned me the title ‘The Salvador Dali of Rave’. I teach art and digital art and have a book coming out soon about my 30 years of my art.